Your choice of a career in the Club Managment industry is a life-long commitment.  To guarantee that your commitment is upheld, CMAA's resources and benefits ensure that Club Management professionals are prepared and ready for the ever-changing club enviroment.  To be eligible for Membership, a person must be connected with the management of Clubs.  The application process begins aat the local chapter level.

CMAA offers you and your club the education and resources you need to succeed in today's ever-evolving industry. CMAA is fully-staffed with seasoned professionals all working with one goal in mind: to help you apply cutting-edge learning and better practices to your club environment. We look forward to welcoming you!


CMAA Communications and Publications

CMAA has embraced the latest technology to deliver the most relevant and timely information to our members across all social media and online platforms. Follow CMAA across the web and keep up to date with the latest Association and club industry news.

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Just In Time– Delivered via e-mail, Just In Time make a specific call to action and a deadline for completion. These e-mails are designed to illicit an immediate response and will be sent out to CMAA members as needed. Examples would include a legislative and regulatory alert or an approaching registration deadline.

CMAA Alerts– Distributed infrequently, these e-mail notifications highlight an issue of major importance and relevance to CMAA’s entire membership. Examples would include a date change of an annual event or a major industry announcement.

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Trends– This category of CMAA communications disseminates industry trend information, practical guidance and information that will help CMAA members do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Outlook– Delivered to members’ inboxes every other Friday, this publication features the latest CMAA information on professional development, membership and solutions as well as trends and news from the club and hospitality industry.

Club Management– Published and mailed to all members quarterly, the Association’s official magazine shares topical and relevant information for every area of club operations as well member and club industry news.

Back of the House (Blog)– Published online weekly, this blog presents perspectives from industry experts on operations and legal information as well as practical solutions and best practices.

Legislative Report (Blog)– Published online weekly, this blog covers the legislative and regulatory activities of the federal government as well as state trends affecting the club industry.

Webinars– Presented bi-monthly, these virtual seminars are a great way to attain top-notch education with minimum expense or conflict. Take advantage of these informative session and tap into powerful education.

Chapter Digest– This monthly electronic publication focuses on the skills and information necessary for successful chapter operations and management.

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Interactive Community– These communication mediums focus on dialogue fostering networking and relationships drawing upon industry expertise and are primarily member-driven.

LinkedIn– Member’s Only Group

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Resources– CMAA’s Resources promote learning and driving decisions and are comprised of our wealth of tools, programs and services benefitting CMAA members and their clubs including CMAA’s expansive website, Research Archives, CMAA University and the suite of ClubSolutions (inclusive of the ClubDNA Program and Premier Club Services).

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When you connect to via your mobile device, you will have instant access to the mobile version of the website. It has been constructed for easy navigation on your smart phone whether you are using a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or other device.

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The online calendar lists CMAA university-based courses, events and deadlines as well as important dates provided by chapters, allied and international associations. Contacts, links and details often accompany the entry.

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CMAA also gives members their own e-mail address - ex:[email protected]. This address then redirects to an e-mail of the member's choice thus keeping that member's 'real e-mail' hidden.

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Contact CMAA through e-mail to specific staff or use the general mailbox address.

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CMAA disseminates member information in multiple ways, including electronically. If you have not been receiving current announcements from CMAA or if you have opted out of any e-mails in the past, please visit the Get Mail page to make sure we have your current information.

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